jgrafton (jgrafton) wrote in hardware_pr0n,

Circa 1983 modem

I was looking for random hardware in Newell-Simon hall at Carnegie Mellon a few months ago and came across this jewel. (Note: it was in the "Take this random junk" pile, so I was allowed to take it.)

Here you can see the front of it with its indicator LEDs.

Here we see the power connector (note the old style), a 25-pin serial connection, and a 0.75 amp fuse. Note also the serial number, 17138, etched on here by hand.

This is the bottom of the unit; curiously, the serial number here is different than the one on the back (and on the inside, as we'll soon see). Also note the date listed here, Sept 13, 1983.

Here you can see the modem opened up, along with some of the random crap on my desk.

Other side.

Here you can see a better shot of the inside. Note the serial number etched here again.

I haven't yet tested to see if it works, as I lack the proper cables (specifically the appropriate power cable). Anybody have an idea where I can get one that would fit appropriately?
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