Munin (twinofhugin) wrote in hardware_pr0n,

yggdrasil is a cisco 7500 series router

this is one of the interface controller cards in yggradsil. 10baseT AUI ethernet, six controllers. oh yeah.

that's the backplane where the card interfaces with the actual device

this is the route processor, where the actual brains of the stuff sits. big silver thing is the primary CPU, banks of RAM and the flash cards

backplane interface is just a little fatter

this is the route processors RAM. it's modular and I've actually had to swap this out after the old set died.

closeup of the main CPU

cisco routers and some firewalls don't have disk drives, they rely on flash cards like these. IOS and its associated files are kept on these cards and the router boots from them.

backplane of the router and AUI-ethernet converters (yeah its painful). redundant power supply can go in the bay above the current one.

the machine with the power switch "engaged"
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