Munin (twinofhugin) wrote in hardware_pr0n,

Yesterday, some friends and I went down to the datacenter and installed freeBSD on our Sun Enterprise 450. I took this chance to photograph it slightly. I'll be back there today, so I'll take more pictures of their guts if I can. Definitely the 250.

Anyway, to the pictures:

In the words of Mark, "That's a smart laptop, I wonder what it is"

Yay for having the keys to sun hardware. Power on and off is key controlled.

Mmmmm, data. This also is a key controlled compartment.

That's our stack of "spare" PDUs. This is entirely because Cashan is a god-damned pack rat.

That thing that kind of looks like Battlestar Galactica hanging off of the primary serial port on the 450 is my serial to USB converter. It's FARKIN HUGE but it gets the job done, and earns me yet again the well deserved title of "Superfluous Adapter Man"

Freya is a 4 CPU enterprise 450, each CPU at 400 mhz with I think 2 gigs of RAM and 6 18G SCSI hard drives. It's becoming my test bed for a secure freeBSD replacement of the Gentoo linux install on fenrir. Also probably my database and SILC server.
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