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Junk stack at Sun yields...

This is a Sun Netra T1, affectionately known as a flapjack. This one is missing its front casing and CDROM drive. The funky card is a smartcard holding MAC address and other nonvolatile data, it goes in the slot immediately below it in the picture. You can also see a 9G disk in one of the bays.

A closeup of the smartcard and the OPG label "Bad." Well, if they decided it was bad, I won't tell them I got it working.

The top cover removed.

Side view.

Closeup of PSU, RAM, etc. 2G ECC memory installed.

Heatsink removed.

Resting in a chair to show off its back side.

Closeup of ports, showing 2x USB, LVD/SE SCSI, 2x 100BaseT, 1x Serial, and 1x Serial + LOM port. LOM stands for Lights Out Management and allows you to control machine power and other nifty things so long as it's plugged in.

Other discarded things. Another flapjack with CDROM, otherwise identical to the one shown above (actually the flapjack tor exit node, running Solaris onnv build 42a, if you're curious), a sun disk array, a 32 port Digi network console server, a patch panel with AT&T DeathStar logo, and another 9G drive.

6x 18G SCSI disks in a half-full drive array. flapjack uses these in a RAIDZ to hold backups and build trees.

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